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余晓 | 看不见的绘画

2018.05.19 - 07.07


Yu Xiao


Opening2018.05.19 / 15:00

Duration2018.05.19 – 07.07

We are pleased to announce the opening of Yu Xiao’s Solo Exhibition in Beijing Art Now Gallery on May 19, 2018. Her works examines the ‘left out’ or the ‘disregarded’ as a source for new discoveries and moments of revelation. Xiao's work reflects the language of geometric abstraction but pushes and redefines the boundary of painting by a variety of means including performance and installation. 

From “The Painting of Small Difference” in 2013, “Possibilities of Painting” in 2016 to “Unseen Paintings” this time, Yu Xiao conducts in-depth discussions once more on painting itself, and examines painting from the perspective of the third person instead of that of the author of the work. In this process, she extensively reduces the visibilities of the rich content of the painting hiding the production of the artist’s process. She reverses the back side of the canvas enabling it to be the predominant feature and questions the understanding of ‘the front ’ and ‘the back’ of the painting.

This exhibition will reveal for the first time the real working processes of the artist and offers the spectators an opportunity to experience and interpret the working method of Xiao.

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