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姚朋 | 时间胶囊

2018.12.05 - 2019.03.09


Yao Peng

Beijing Art Now Gallery will present Yao Peng’s solo exhibition Time Capsule on December 8, 2018, which is the third one held by the artist in the Gallery after the exhibitions in 2013 and 2016.


As a concept-oriented artist, Yao does not limit his creations within a certain medium. Instead, his ideas flow between different materials and make them meaningful. His works cover paintings, installations, images and collages. He regards consciousness as some kind of materials, whose volume, energy and mode can be felt, and tries to seek the exact measurement of consciousness between different dimensions and the delicate transformation from one kind of consciousness to another. His works usually set checks in apparently normal realist expressions, disturb the definition of the viewers. He is good at creating smart but strong psychological tensions, and the control of the radiation of the tensions.


The exhibition will last until March 9, 2019.


Yao Peng

Born in 1984 in Jilin, now lives and works in Beijing. Graduated with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from the major of Oil painting of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2008 and 2012. His solo exhibitions include “Dedicated to the living and the dead (2013)” and “Ladies and Gentlemen (2016)”. His works have been collected by Yuz Museum (Shanghai), Zhi Museum (Chengdu), White Rabbit Museum (Sydney), He Xiangning Museum (Shenzhen) and other art institutes.