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周洁个展 – 36天

2014.08.09 - 09.13


Zhou Jie

Curator: Hang Chunxiao 

Starting Time: August 9th 3pm, 2014

Exhibition Duration: Aug 9th – Sep 13th, 2014 (Open Tues-Sun 12:00-18:00, close Monday)

Venue: Beijing Art Now Gallery - Building E, Red Yard No.1, Cao Chang Di, Beijing, P.R. China

Tel: +86-10-51273292   Email: angallery@vip.sina.com  www.beijingartnow.com

From August 9th to September 13th, total 36 days, no matter for the visitors or for me, this could be an exhibition with deeply involved ever. Within this period I will be living in the exhibition hall with an unfinished steel wire bed, several unfinished steel wire “toys”, some foods enough for living a month, few clothes and 3 total transparent garbage bins. Most of the time I would be trying to keep working on these unfinished sculpture works. When I tired I will be sleep on the steel wire bed and when I hungry I will eat the food prepared. There is bathroom on the second floor. Of course, I still have my mobile phone to call, to visit website and even playing the games. I might easily stay up until the 36th day and also finish all sculptures or part of them. There may be some food left or food could be consumed earlier. I might be sick in the middle or even completely cannot hold till the end and have to stop the exhibition ahead. No matter what happened this is my participation. As for the visitors I have a lot of imagination but could not predict (In fact to define visitors as “participants” might be more accurate, as their roles are more than “concept” to “think”, moreover, who will be the visitors to another?). The visitors will get their maximum degree of freedom.

Actually I don’t know exactly what to express through this period of exhibition, or it could be said I am not sure about how much could be expressed. It is just like many things in life, only need one reason to start with. More people become numb and hard to dedicate to do one thing these days. Meanwhile, a huge of new stimulus let us have to reduce or even shut some sensory response, in other words, we have the need to get numb. Long time numbness gradually turns to pain. My steel wire sculptures series is derived from this feeling. While only evokes a status that different from estranged and unconventional, to contact with unspecific feeling, the visitors and me could recognized these massages of feeling. Most of the time within this period will be as usual as daily life, the amazing thing is I soon realize there will be many similar experiences. For example, every day I will be conscientious to get close to the established goals, and how could my body to confront the new stimulus, will I be gradually adapt to it? So this could be a metaphor fully participation by body and spirit that complete with 36 days, but what is it exactly? It is expected the visitors and me to explore together.