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池磊 CHILI 之《五星招待所》& 邓华+傅真之《我的琴棋书画》

2009.07.11 - 09.15

Chi Lei CHILI—“Five Stars Motel” & Deng Hua+Fu Zhen--- “Qín Qí Shū Huà” will be open on July 11th , 2009 in Beijing Art Now Gallery.
We are cordially to invite you!
Artists: Chi Lei CHILI & Deng Hua + Fu Zhen 
Reception: July 11 (Sat),  4:00pm—6:00pm
Duration: July 11 --- September 15, 2009
Venue: Building E, Red Yard No.1, Cao Chang Di, Cui Ge Zhuang, Chaoyang Dist., Beijing Beijing Art Now Gallery
Tel: 010-51273292
Chi Lei has directed a melodrama which is a reflection of all kinds of social phenomenon in FIVE STARS MOTEL, and all the sceneries are designed by the artist, and acted by models out of their imagination. All kinds of characters living in the bottom part of the society have been enriched in one certain motel room, which is full of bizarre surreal atmosphere. However, we have to admit that all the phenomenon do exist around us. Joy, sorrow, stimulation, or indulgences have all been infinitely magnified in this private space. Whenever we are peeping on others, we are peeping on ourselves as well.  
Deng Hua & Fu Zhen used Qin, Qi, Shu and Hua to be the name of the four works they have created lately, in addition to the antiques names, the style of the works also borrowed Chinese ancient culture to a certain extent. Of course, Deng Hua and Fu Zhen do not just want to pay their tribute to the Chinese tradition in terms of the forms; moreover, the spiritual connection between the ancient time and the modern time is more of the point. Deconstruction and re-explanation of the traditional culture have proved their deep thinking side; the philosophical part of their works has proved the sensitivity and sense of humor from the deliberate confrontation between different cultural forms.