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LI Shun

Li Shun

Currently lives in Hangzhou, China


1988  Born in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

2011  Studied at the China Academy of Art School of Intermedia Art,
         receiving a bachelor’s degree in 2011;

2015  Master’s degree from the same institution in 2015.

2015  The Civil Power· Bei Jing MinSheng Art Museum
         Silver Award
2015  “Mountains And Rivers Look at each other: The
         Graduation Exhibition of 
        the China Academy of Art - Bronze Award of Lin
       Fengmian Prize,
       Hangzhou, China
2014  China's most creative ten photographers of The fourth
        BoQi Trophy ,Foshan, China
2014  Be selected Zhejiang Province Visual Arts Training of
        young talents “ XinFeng Plan”, 
         Hangzhou, China
2014  The Lin Fengmian scholarship, Hangzhou, China
2011  The Second New Star Art Festival - Young Photographer
        Award, Shanghai, China
2011  The Graduation Exhibition of the China Academy of
        Art - Silver Award of
        Lin Fengmian Prize, Hangzhou, China
2011  University Student Science and Technology
        Innovation Plan of Zhejiang
        Province– Second Award, Hangzhou, China

Solo Exhibitions
2015  “Using technology to interpret Art: Li Shun” ,
         West Lake Apple Store ,
        Hangzhou, China
2015  “New Peach-Blossom Source”, The Artone Center,
        Hangzhou, China
2014  “Regardless”, Tianhong MeiheYuan Culture and Arts Center,
         Hangzhou, China
2012  “Ge Wu Zhi Zhi”, Aether Space, Beijing, China
2012  “Parallel World in Chaos”, K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong, China

Group Exhibitions
2016  “Other World”, Shamen Granary , Taizhou, China
      “Fighting in Liuxia”,  Inna Art Space , Hangzhou, China
2015  “Meme City : Hacking Realities 1st Intermedia Art Festival”,  
        China Academy of Art , Hangzhou, China
      PHOTO FESTIVAL”,   Yuanbo  Garden 2F,Xiamen, China
       SEMINAR, Lishui Photography Festival Oil pump  factory,Lishui, China
      “Countertrend-Zone Chapter 1”,Sunyard Art-Sinceren Art Center,
      Hangzhou, China
      “Art In The City Festival”, chi k11 art museum,Shanghai,
      “Calligraphic Time and Space: Abstract Art in China”, Power
      Station of Art, Shanghai,  China
      “The Civil Power”, Bei Jing MinSheng Art Museum,
      Beijing, China
      “Zhejiang Province Visual Arts Training of young
      talents “ XinFeng Plan”
        Creative achievements exhibition,Zhejiang Art Museum,
      Hangzhou, China
      “Mountains And Rivers Look at each other: CAA Graduation
      Exhibition”, China Academy of Art ,Hangzhou, China
      “The Spectres in the Double Shadow”, Alioth Art Center,
       Shanghai, China
      “Writing Non-Writing – Hangzhou International Modern
      Calligraphy  Exhibition”,  Venue Museum of Contemporary Art,
      China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
      “An interesting Exhibition”, Sealink Gallery, Hangzhou, China
      “On Your Mark”, The Gallery, Shanghai, China
      “Parable and Kingdom”, VDS showroom, Hangzhou, China
      “The Illusory-Realness&Truth”, Galerie Huit, Hong Kong, China
2014  “Hangzhou I Design Week”, Southern Song Imperial Street,
         Hangzhou, China
      “Art Mo Inter National Art Fair”, Venetian Macao Cotal
      Expo Hall B, Macao, China
      “Another Sky”,  Museum of China Academy of Art,
      Hangzhou, China
      “Tracing – Until grow moss”, Grand Space, Beijing, China
      “Art Asia Shanghai”, Long Museum, Shanghai, China
      “Art Bridges Cultures”, Finland Ambassador's Residence,
      Beijing, China
      “In the Name of the Experiment - The Third Invitation
      Exhibition of Academic Photography”,Museum of China
      Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
      “Three Shadows Photography Award Exhibition”, Three
      Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing, China
       "New Peach-Blossom Source Photography Exhibition",
       Sanshang Art, Hangzhou, China
2013  “Hermit’s Spring – Calligraphy, Landscape Painting
       and Garden-making”, West Lake Expo Museum, 
        Hangzhou, China
2012  “Shanghai Contemporary”, Shanghai Exhibition
         Center, Shanghai, China
      “Art Nova 100”, Arario Gallery, Beijing, China
      “Detonation – China Young Artists Project Exhibition”,
      International Convention Center, Beijing, China
      “The Boat of 2012 - Annual Nomination Exhibition
      for Students of Contemporary Art Academies”, 
        Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
      “New Star Art Festival Excellent Works Exhibition”,
      Shanghai | Beijing, China
      “Lightness of Being”, K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong,
      China | Paris, France
2011  “Panorama - Photography 100%”, China Academy
       of Art, Hangzhou, China
      “The Second New Star Art Festival”, Duolun Art
      Museum, Shanghai, China
      “2011 Graduation Exhibition of the China Academy
      of Art”, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China
      “No Boundary - Experimental Videos of Young Artists
      Online Program”, Financial Times China

2010  “Youth On Fire”, Hangzhou, China
      “80 Society 80 Art Exhibition”, China Academy
      of Art, Hangzhou, China
2009  “Hao Le - Concept Photography Exhibition”,
        China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China