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  • 2019-10-03

    Xue Ruozhe | A Distorted Reality | rosenfeld porcini

    Xue Ruozhe | A Distorted Reality

    4 October 2019 - 16 November 2019

    Private view: 3 October 2019 6.30 - 8.30pm


    37 rathbone street  london  w1t 1nz  | +44 2076371133 | www.rosenfeldporcini.com | info@rosenfeldporcini.com


    Beijing Art Now Gallery is pleased to announce Ruozhe Xue’s first solo exhibition in London"A Distorted Reality” will be opened on October 3rd at rosenfeld porcini.


    In the little over two years since his work was last seen in London it’s immediately evident how the acute psychological state of unease which his works conjure up in the viewer has been further developed.


    In the current world where any idea of truth has been trampled on by fake news, hacking and the abuses of social media, our understanding of what constitutes reality has been grossly distorted. Moreover, the wave of ‘populist politics’which has invaded so many countries in the world has added to the potent cocktail where we have a very strong sense of living in a strange unfamiliar world. The paintings of Ruozhe Xue feel like a perfect mirror to what we are experiencing. At the time of his previous exhibition in the gallery the possible political ramifications of his works might have felt more remote to us and our attentions were focused far more on the personal feeling of an eerie universe to which we felt a strange attraction or revulsion.


    Throughout his career Xue has been fascinated by the tension created between the dual image of certain individuals, often situated in a timeless and alienating landscape which, on a superficial first viewing, merely appears a little odd yet, little by little, reveals its total strangeness to our knowledge of the world. Two people are apparently calm, as the landscape in the distance appears to burn ; two women illuminated as if by daylight are immersed in a nighttime forest of tropical vegetation; two men are standing on a zebra crossing in the middle of either a totally deserted road or more likely a grey river;  a bright orange terrain is part of a dark nighttime landscape. In all these worlds Xue places his figures, who appear totally relaxed in this other-worldly atmosphere, although each has a behavioural pattern very different to the identical person standing alongside. The clear physical connection accentuates a sense of detachment in the viewer as this similarity is not reflected in the inner psychological movements of the subjects portrayed. Although Xue is an artist whose paintings are always concerned with the ‘human’, it is immediately noticeable that none of his characters are ever looking straight ahead at the viewer. Invariably we view the figures from behind or to the side or almost totally hidden from view. A man faces a wall, his hands outstretched in front of him as if in punishment; a woman faces another wall as if in shame; faces are partly obstructed by clothing as if the protagonist does not want to be revealed.


    “I try to put some kind of psychological space into the portrait. The hidden face, squinting eyes and the body viewed sideways, all create an interior tension, thus constructing the transformation through painting which I am trying achieve.”


    Ruozhe Xue, having studied his MA In London after having completed his BA in his native China has a deep knowledge of both Western and Chinese art and ‘The Message’which is the largest work in the exhibition references ancient Chinese painting by creating a very large horizontal canvas which can’t be viewed in one look, but rather we read it from left to right and there is no perspective vanishing point. A further departure for the artist are the small works which will be spread around the exhibition which provide a further element to the surreal and very disconcerting atmosphere: Lower legs perfectly inserted into a pair of shoes, a pair of dresses made from exactly the same material but with very different folds, hang in mid-air; individual highly taut, white stockinged feet and a pair of hands tightly clasped all reinforce the claustrophobic surreal atmosphere yet mostly importantly a very palpable sense of tension.


    The power in Xue’s unique take on the figurative form is made possible due to the artist’s extraordinary technical ability with paint which allows him to achieve this very rarified atmosphere with total credibility. The richness of his colour is never accompanied by a heavy use of material, there is no emphasis in the weight of paint or drama of gesture but instead a very sure sense of line and form. The large canvases which provide the various anchors to the exhibition are highly complex works, both from the point of view of the construction of the image and the richness of the form.  The state of mounting tension and unease which the accumulation of viewing these paintings arouses in us, is in effect, a perfect mirror for our very troubled times.


    Ruozhe Xue (Xuzhou, China *1987) lives and works between Beijing and London. After studying at the Painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, he graduated from the Painting Programme at the Royal College of Arts in London. Award winner of the Neville Burston Prize and the Tom Bendhem Prize for Figure Drawing, Xue has presented his work in numerous exhibitions in UK, Europe and in China.

  • 2019-09-12

    2019 Art Shenzhen | Booth B18

    Beijing Art Now Gallery | Booth B18


    ADRIA SARTORE, PARKER ITO, 洪绍裴Hong Shaopei, 李舜Li Shun, 时晓凡Quentin Shih, Wang Jinsong, Xue Ruozhe, Yao Peng, Yu Xiao, Zheng Wei,  Zou Cao

    VIP Preveiw
    2019.9.12,14:30 - 21:30

    2019.9.13-14 ,10:00 - 19:00
    2019.9.15,10:00 - 16:30

    Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center Hall 6
  • 2019-07-12

    Hong Shaopei, Yao Peng | Pantone | HOW Art Museum (Wenzhou)


    Opening 2019/7/12

    Duration2019/7/13 - 2019/11/8

    Organizer: HOW Art Museum (Wenzhou)

    CuratorMa Jue

    VenueNo.1, East Jiangbin Road, Wenzhou  (ONEHOME H.S ART HOTEL) 


    Beijing Art Now Gallery artists Hong Shaopei, Yao Peng’s works will be exhibited at HOW Art Museum (Wenzhou). This exhibition Pantone brings together 14 artists/artist collectives from China and abroad: Jan Albers, Angélica Dass, Dong Dawei, Olafur Eliasson, Feng Yan, Hong Shaopei, Li Jinghu, Liu Jianhua, Felipe Pantone, Quayola, SHIMURAbros, Yan Lei, Yao Peng, and Zhang Yue. Of the topics to be discussed, the artists will explore the threshold of color itself, i.e. the inherent limits and potential effects of the semantic mechanism of color.

    Compared with the Chinese name "color threshold" in the exhibition, the English name "Pantone" directly discusses the consistency of industrialization exemplified in the "Pantone Matching System" which has standardized the definition of color sequencing. As far as visual perception is concerned, the distribution and density of cone cells, which are responsible for daytime light perception, in the human retina vary from person to person, and may even have defects or omitted data, which in turn results in the diversity of perceived colors. Therefore, the subtle differences between thousands of people and thousands of colors make color the most relative medium in art.


    As a natural phenomenon, color is a complex concoction of history and culture manifested as social reality in the form of a non-existent trans-cultural standard. The rather subjective process of color cognition is deeply influenced by cultural genes and personal experience. With the changing of generations, society has bestowed different connotations and criteria onto colors and determining their different uses and values. Now, Pantone as a well-acquainted proponent of the promotes new popular colors every year.


    Of the works to be exhibited, there are extended explorations of Op Art and optico-kinetic movement, presentations of specific production times in their relation to the formation of given colors, as well as the direct implementation of the Pantone system as a means of reflecting on social and political issues. These works incorporate emotional color components as an entry point of awakening synesthesia, calling for the audience to mobilize sensory parameters beyond visuality while actively participating in the process of cognitive conjoinment.

    Hong Shao-Pei Time Painting No.3 Acrylic 260x180x6cm 2016

    Yao Peng Politics,Acrylic on colour atlas,35 x 240cm 2015

  • 2019-06-25

    Zheng Wei Yu Xiao| The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China 2018

    Opening: 2019.6.25

    Duration: 2019.6.25 – 8.31

    Venue: Beijing Minsheng Art Museum

    Artists: Ai JingCang Xin, Long March project, Chen Xiaoyi, Ding Weina, He An, Hong Qile, Hu Jieming, Liu Haigang, Liu Wei, Liu Yue, Meng Bokun, Shi Jinsong, Tan Xun, Tong Wenmin, Wang Yi, Wu Jianan, Wu Xiaochuan, Yan Lei, Zhang Ding, Zhao Zhao, Zheng Da, Zheng Lu, Zhu Xuquan, Zong Ning, Zuo Jing

  • 2019-04-26

    2019 Art Chengdu | Booth A10

    VIP Preview

    2019.4.28  11:00-18:00

    2019.4.29  11:00-19:00

    Public Days

    2019.4.30-5.1  10:00-19:00

    2019.5.2      10:00-17:00

    Venue | No.1 Hall of New International Convention and Exhibition Center, Century City, Chengdu, Sichuan

    Artists | Adria Sartore, Parker Ito, Hong Shaopei, Li Shun, Quentin Shih, Xue Ruozhe, Yao Peng, Yu Xiao, Zheng Wei, Zhou Jie, Zhou Tong

    Adria Sartore  THE WHEEL oil on wood 35x25cm  2014

    Parker Ito  #6 163x117cm oil on linen 2018

    Li Shun  Oceanic Scroll-On the Origin of Species |sketch on a page of a novel, archival pigment print | 200cm x 110cm x 2 | Unique |  2019

     Hong Shao-pei  160012018 | Acrylic | 150x110cm | 2018

     Shi Xiao-fan   TB05.JB61.TG27.05 | Chromogenic Print | 150x150cm | 2/3 edition | 2015

     Xue Ruo-zhe  Sophie’s portrait | 40x50cm |  oil on linen | 2018

     Yao Peng   WE PASS THROUGH TIME ONE BY ONE-16 64x94cm| Archival inkjet print, mixed media|2018

    Yu Xiao   Triangle by three Blue | 100x100cm | Acrylic on linen | 2015

    Zheng Wei   Intimate corpse No.3 | 208x165cm | Mixed media |2018

     Zhou Jie   Hello Kitty! | 150x150x130cm | steel wire | 2014

    Zhou Tong   Drugpocket bomb| 21.5x13.5x5cm | mixed media | 2016

    Zhou Tong   Drugpocket bomb| 21.5x13.5x5cm | mixed media | 2016

  • 2019-03-30

    Quentin Shih | LOVELOVELOVE:A Journey in LOVE | Today Art Museum


    Opening: 2019.3.30

    Duration: 2019.3.30 – 6.30

    Artists: Andy Warhol,Christopher Makos,Jean-Michel Jarre,Quentin Shih,Colin Chinnery,Thomas Sauvin,Lei Lei,Chen Ke,Amalia Ulman,Qiu Anxiong,Ye Yushan

    Venue: Beijing Today Art Museum, Building No.2


    Focused on the theme of travel, this exhibition reviews the past 40 years of China through ten artists’ traveling stories. It is the first time to have Andy Warhol, pioneer of Pop Art Movement, and Jean-Michel Jarre, the father of French electronic music, to be shown together, reconstructing their legendary journeys in early 1980s in China. At the same time, eight artists including Quentin Shih, Colin Chinnery, Qiu Anxiong and Lei Lei will capture social changes in China with various media such as photography, animation and sound installations. Andy Warhol’s last film, Andy Warhol: Made in China, will also be first screened in mainland China. 

    Since the 20th century, the rapid development of transportation and communication technology has made tourism an essential way of mass entertainment. Tourism not only defines a fashionable1 lifestyle but also brought cross-cultural encounters, leading to brand new imagination of modern life. The exhibition is divided into four chapters: “Journey to the East”, “Memoir”, “Elapsed Dreams” and “Destination”. Through the tantalizing clues wandering between reality and imagination, the past and the future, the exhibition will lead the audience into a journey across time and space. 

    Quentin Shih's project Love Letters

  • 2019-03-27

    Art Basel Hong Kong 2019 | Booth 3C39

    Art Basel Hong Kong 2019 | Booth 3C39

    Private View: 2019.3.27 14:00 - 20:00

                               2019.3.28 13:00 - 21:00

    Public Days: 2019.3.29 - 30 12:00 - 20:00

                      2019.3.31        11:00 - 18:00

    Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center

    Artists: Andrew Sendor, Parker Ito, Hong Shaopei, Li Shun, Quentin Shih, Xue Ruozhe, Yao Peng, Yu Xiao, Zheng Wei, Zou Cao, Zhou Jie, Zhou Tong.

    Parker Ito Sopranos Wine 200x162cm  oil on linen 2018

    Parker Ito p1(sunrise) 200x162cm  2018

    Andrew Sendor oil on matte white Plexiglas with stained Mahogany shelf oil on matte white Plexiglas with stained Mahogany shelf 35.6 x 54.6 x 10.2 cm 2018

    Hong Shaopei Painting still life 54x44x25cm 2017

    Xue Ruozhe Still life 210x80cm  oil on linen 2018

    Zheng Wei Transportation of fruits iron plate magnet 135x60cm 2018

    Zhou Tong  Pit 60x43x40cm  mini elm bonsai clay fibre metal wood pottery,2018

  • 2019-03-02

    Xue Ruozhe | Gaze

    Opening: 2019.3.2

    Duration: 2019.3.2 – 3.23

    Curator: Cao Yani

    Add: No.805, unit 8, 1st floor, Duan Qirui the old government building, Beijing

         Portraits  photography 60x40cm 2014

         Portraits  video screensh  dimens variable 2015

  • 2019-02-01

    We wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

    We wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

    The gallery will be closed from Jan.1 to Jan. 21, 2019.

    The solo exhibition Time Capsule by Yao Peng is on view at the gallery till March 9th, 2019.

  • 2019-01-25

    2019 Chinese New Year special art project Beijing Art Now Gallery artists Yao Peng, Xue Ruozhe, Zheng Wei, Zhou Jie, Zhou Tong participated 2019 Chinese New Year special art project


    2019 Chinese New Year special art project

    Beijing Art Now Gallery artists Yao Peng, Xue Ruozhe, Zheng Wei, Zhou Jie, Zhou Tong participated 2019 Chinese New Year special art project


    Curator: Cui Cancan

    Assistant curator: Alice Zhou

    Venue: Points Center for Contemporary Art

    Date: 2019.1.25-2.3

    Artists: Bao Xiaowei, Bian Qing, Chang Xiaojun, Chen Haoxiang, Chu Bingchao, Dai Chenlian, Chen Xi, Gao Feng, He Xun, Jia Yu Ming, Jiang Bo, Kang Jing, Lei Tong, Li Nu, Li Yuqi+Kun Niao, Liang Hao, Liu Chengrui, Liu Jianan, Ma Li Jiao, Ma Sibo, Meng Xianglong, Na Linhu, PPPP, Pu Yingwei, Qi Le+Zheng Wei, Wang Hua, Wang Jiang, Wang Lijun, Wu Xiaowu, Wu Wei, Ye Funa, Zhang Jin, Zhang Yongji+Jin Yu, Zhang Yue, Zhang Yunfeng, Zhao Bang, Zhao Chen, Zhou Jie, Zhou Tong, Zhou Sainan, Zongning

  • 2019-01-16

    Make Room | William Lamson: Badwater is selected as TOP 10 PICK OF THE WEEK OF 2018 exhibitions by Artillery Magazine


    Make Room | William Lamson: Badwater is selected as TOP 10 PICK OF THE WEEK OF 2018 exhibitions by Artillery Magazine



  • 2019-01-12

    Zhou Tong | Connection series plan NO.1


    Opening: 2019.1.12

    Duration: 2019.1.12- 3.15

    Add: Rongyi Art Museum, 4F No.371 Gaojing Road, Shanghai

    Exhibition View 1

    Exhibition View 2

    Exhibition View 3

    Exhibition View 4

    Exhibition View 5

    Exhibition View 6

    Exhibition View 7


  • 2019-01-12

    Paker Ito & Elaine Cameron-Weir | CONDO LONDON

    Paker Ito & Elaine Cameron-Weir | CONDO LONDON

    Installation view, Château Shatto, Parker Ito, The Shop, 62 Kingly Street, 2019

     Exhibition View 1

    Installation view, Château Shatto, Parker Ito, The Shop, 62 Kingly Street, 2019

    Exhibition View 2

    Installation view, Château Shatto, Parker Ito, The Shop, 62 Kingly Street, 2019

    Exhibition View 3

    Installation view, JTT, Elaine Cameron-Weir, 62 Kingly Street, 2019 Exhibition View 1

    Installation view, JTT, Elaine Cameron-Weir, 62 Kingly Street, 2019 Exhibition View 2

    Installation view, JTT, Elaine Cameron-Weir, 62 Kingly Street, 2019 Exhibition View 3