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  • 2017-12-29

    Li Shun Osmosis Symbiosis Localizational Practices of Contemporary Art in China


    Opening: 2017.12.29

    Duration: 2017.12.29 – 2018.1.17

    Artists: Chai Yiming, Chen Ke, Chen Yujun, Ding Xiaozhen, Huang Yuanqing, Jing Shijian,
                Li Shun, Li Xiuqin, Liu Jianhua, Niao Tou, Qiu An’xiong, Qiu Jia, Shi Hui, Wang Yabin
               Wang Yida, Wu Yiming, Xue Song, Yang Jianping, Yin Xiuzhen, Zhang Hao, Zhong Shan

    Venue: Art Museum of SPSI

                     Pursuing knowledge to the end  Memories of Hangzhou 250x190cm 2011

                      Lin Quan Gao Zhi 4 100x66cm 2013

  • 2017-11-25

    Zhou Jie A Separation Gallery Yang

    Zhou Jie | “A Separation” Gallery Yang

    Opening: 2017.11.25 15:30
    Duration: 2017.11.25 - 12.31
    Curator: Zhu Zhu
    Artists: Chen Ke, Dong Jinling, Feng Lin, Hu Yinping, Liu Shiyuan, Liu Silin, Qin Jin, Shen Xin, Song Kun,
                Xie Qi, Yang Yuanyuan, Yao Qingmei, Zhou Jie,  Zhu Tian
    Venue: Gallery Yang

    The "36 days" is a deconstruction of the presence through hopelessness, initiated from personal sensorial experiences. As time marches after the exhibition, her way of thinking has changed. What comes after despair? Do we need more deconstructivism in modern life? Do we reconstruct? How? How to react? To resist? These questions are the very origin of The Funeral of Factish.
    The work in this exhibition bears the same idea, recreating another space around the steel-wired bed. Objects from the previous space will reappear, but the origins and properties have all changed. When the body is absent to feed language, what is the point of the bed?

    From August 9, 2014 to September 13, 2014, Zhou Jie has been living in the exhibition hall for 36 days, surrounding by an unfinished single bed made of wire, a series of half-finished stuffed toys braided of wire, some food to maintain one month of living, several sets of clothes, a few lights and three transparent trashes. Most of the time she was trying to perfect these wire sculptures. Audiences’feedback becomes a sample of observations, integrated into the work itself.

          Zhou Jie
           you was here 
           Digital print steel wire  Dimensions variable  2014-2017

           Exhibition View 1

            Exhibition View 2

            Exhibition View 3

           Exhibition View 4

           Exhibition View 5

  • 2017-11-18

    Xue Ruozhe Seeing Whales opened at Galleria Mazzoli, Italy


    Xue Ruozhe participated “ seeing whales” will be opened on November 18th at Galleria Mazzoli, Italy.

    Opening2017.11.18 / 18:30

    CuratorChiara Ianeselli

    Duration2017.11.18 2018.01.30

    ArtistsAriel Cabrera Montejo
                   Hugo López Ayuso
                   Rafael Megall
                 Xue Ruozhe

                                 Splitting Connection85x210cm,85x99cm 布面油画 oil on linen 2017

                                    Gap190x137cm 布面油画 oil on linen 2017

                                Grey on Grey70x105cm 布面油画 oil on linen 2017

  • 2017-11-15

    Li Shun Open Books A New Dialogue


    Opening: 2017.11.15

    Curators: Qian Zhijian, Huang Yibing

    Duration: 2017.11.15-2018.01.31

    Special sponsor: China National Arts Fund

    Add: Charles E. Shain Library, Connecticut College

            270 Mohegan Ave, New London CT 06320



                                      1118_6 (1)

  • 2017-11-10

    Li Shun Awarded TOP20-2017 Chinese Cutting-edge Contemporary Photography Exhibition


    Organized by China Photographers Association and Zhejiang literature and art federationpresented by
    Zhengjiang Photographers Association, China Photography magazine and Chinese academy of fine arts,
    intermedia college, the result was announced on October 24th. Beijing Art Now Gallery artist Li Shun has
    been awarded
    “ TOP20-2017 Chinese Cutting-edge Contemporary Photography Exhibition”.

             1,我们生存的立足点除了不断消逝的现实之外 别无其他  We survive on nothing but a fading reality

              格物致知 再写逍遥游  Pursuing knowledge to the end  Rewrite A Happy Excursion

              作品局部 Works part

               林泉高致 4   Lin Quan Gao Zhi 4

                关于混沌的平行世界 No17   Parallel World in Chaos No17

  • 2017-11-09

    West Bund Art & Design | Booth A7


    Artists:   Adria Sartore, Andrew Sendor, Hong Shaopei, Li Shun, Parker Ito,

                  Quentin Shih, Xue Ruozhe, Yao Peng, Yu Xiao, Zheng Wei,
                  Zhou Jie, Zhou Tong

    VIP Preview: 2017.11.9   12:00 - 19:00

    Public: 2017.11.10  12:00 - 19:00

                2017.11.11  10:00 - 19:00
    2017.11.12  13:30 - 19:00
    Add: West Bund Art Center, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai

                    洪绍裴 Painting 21 July 2017 丙烯颜料 Acrylic 100x100x16cm 2017

                    Painting 21 July 2017

                   Painting 21 July 2017 局部 part

                   洪绍裴  Painting 15 June 2017

                     洪绍裴 Painting 15 June 2017 丙烯颜料Acrylic 70x70x30cm 2017

                      李舜  海上的100束光 摄影 收藏级别艺术微喷 80cm x 86cm 6+1AP 2017

            李舜  格物致知-自叙帖 摄影 数码后期 宣纸印刷 Study on the nature of things  The Huaisu
                         Autobiography  3+1AP 354cm x 142cm 尺寸可变 2017


                        作品局部 1 Works part 1

                         作品局部 2 Works part 2

                          时晓凡 TB05.JB61.TG27.05   彩色相片输出 150x150cm 2015

                 时晓凡 回忆于八零年代 NO 02  Memories  of the 80s  No 02 彩色相片输出 150x150cm 2014

                 时晓凡 回忆于八零年代 NO 06  Memories of the 80s  No 06 彩色相片输出 150x150cm 2014

                            薛若哲 1  1  2 80x50cm,oil on linen 2016

                余晓   三角形乘3的意外 The Unexpectation of Triangle By 3  200x200cm
                           布面丙烯 Acrylic on linen 2016

                            郑维   Mr Fuck 木刻 综合材料Woodcut, mixed media 127x75cm  2017

                  郑维 铁皮鼓 之三 The Tin Drum No3  木刻 综合材料Woodcut, mixed media  235x170cm  2017


          周洁    时间的乱流 Turbulent Flow of Time 雪柏木 铝 铜 玻璃 橡胶 不锈钢 丙烯
                       300x150x210cm 尺寸可变 2017

  • 2017-11-07

    Art 021| Booth E18


    Art 021| Booth E18

    Artists:  Adria Sartore, Andrew Sendor, Hong Shaopei,
                 Li Shun, Parker Ito,
    Quentin Shih, Xue Ruozhe,
                Yao Peng, Yu Xiao, Zheng Wei, Zhou Jie, Zhou Tong

    VIP Evening Preview2017.11.8   16:00 - 20:00

    VIP Preview 2017.11.9  13:00 - 16:00

    Vernissage2017.11.9  16:00 - 20:00

    Public2017.11.10  13:00 - 20:00

                 2017.11.11  11:00 - 18:00

                 2017.11.12  11:00 - 18:00

    Add: Shanghai Exhibition Center, No. 1000, Yan An Middle Road, Shanghai, China

             洪绍裴 Painting 4 August 2016 丙烯颜料 Acrylic 60x60x6cm  2016

           Painting 4 局部

              洪绍裴 Painting 5 August 2016 丙烯颜料 Acrylic 60x60x6cm  2016

              Painting 5 August 2016 侧图

             Painting 26 October 2017

           洪绍裴 Painting 26 October 2017 丙烯颜料 Acrylic 120x120x15cm  2017

              洪绍裴 Painting 29 May 2017 丙烯颜料Acylic 80x80x6cm 2017

                Painting 29 May 2017

            李舜 226束光 摄影 收藏级别艺术微喷 100cm x 100cm 6+1AP 2017

            李舜     关于混沌的平行世界No 9-1 Parallel World in Chaos No.9 摄影
                        收藏级别艺术微喷 110cm x 62cm 6+1AP 2013

                李舜   关于混沌的平行世界No 9-2 摄影 收藏级别艺术微喷
                           110cm x 62cm 6+1AP 2013  

               李舜 森林-3(底片部分) 120黑白底片 8.26 x 5.6cm 2017

                  李舜 森林-3(绘画部分) 纸上素描 160 x 90cm 2017

              李舜 森林-3(视频截帧部分) 单频高清录像 黑白 无声 10分2秒

                李舜     森林-3,单频高清录像 收藏级艺术微喷 纸上素描 120黑白底片
                           217x105cm 2017

              时晓凡  BG05.GG61.HM24.02 彩色相片输出 150x150cm 2015

               时晓凡 GH07.UP91.RO02.01 彩色相片输出 150x150cm 2017

                   薛若哲 红门 A Red Gate 101x137.5cm 布面油画 2015

                  姚朋 Chapter one 布面丙烯 Acylic on canvas 160x100cm x 2  2017

                      郑维 Miss Fuck 120x120cm 木刻综合材料 2017

                             郑维 少年120x120cm 木刻综合材料 2017

                    周洁     独木桥 Slender footbridge 200x200x200cm 聚乙烯塑料 丙烯
                                 Vinyon,acrylic 2017

                   周童 嘎娑Sway 100x250x170 cm 综合材料Mixed media 2017

               Adria Sartore  works   25.5x20cm

                    Adria Sartore   works   35x28cm

                    Adria Sartore  works  76x61cm

              Adria Sartore The Smiling Bride And Groom  35x28cm oil on wood 2017
  • 2017-09-21

    Yu Xiao | Digital Lodon | Unit 5 Gallery



    AddUnit 5 Gallery, London


              Sai Miller

              Antonio De Pasquale

              Funa Ye

              Emilie Houldsworth

              Warren Thomas Garland

              Xiao Yu

             Aishe Kokoshi

             Sarah Gilbert

                                                                              展览现场 Exhibition View 1

    展览现场 Exhibition View 2

    展览现场 Exhibition View 3

    展览现场 Exhibition View 4

  • 2017-09-15

    Art Shenzhen | Beijing Art Now Gallery B37 38

    VIP Preview:2017.9.15      15:00 – 21:00
    Public: 2017.9.16 -17   10:00-19:00
                2017.9.18      10:00-16:00

    Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

    洪绍裴 精灵!我许愿我不是个王子Genie I wish I won't be a prince 丙烯颜料Acrylic 200x120cm 2014、

    李舜 格物致知 金刚般若经开题 Study the Nature of Things  Diamant Sutra 摄影 数码后期 宣纸印刷 Photography Digital processi archival inkjet print 280cm x 50cm 尺寸可变 2017

    李舜 格物致知 上阳台帖 Study the Nature of Things  Shang Yang Tai Post摄影 数码后期 宣纸印刷 Photography Digital processi,archival inkjet print 120cm x 52cm 尺寸可变 2017

    作品局部 Works part

    李舜 林泉高致 1 Lin Quan Gao Zhi 1 100x66cm 艺术微喷Archival inkjet print 2013

    注释 Note

    李舜 无题2 1 Untitled No 2 1印刷品,纸上综合技法 Comprehensive techniques on paper 34.5 x 24.5cm x 2  2016

    李舜 无题2 6 Untitled No 2 6 印刷品 纸上综合技法 Comprehensive techniques on paper 39.5 x 27 2016

    余晓 三角形乘3的镜像知觉The Mirror image Perceptions Of Triangle By 3 200x200cm 布面丙烯

    郑维 假日 木刻和综合材料Holiday Woodcut, mixed media 180x200cm 2014

    周洁《#》184x224cm 丙烯 亚克力 2016

    周童 摆件1  燃烧弹 Decoration No.1 Incendiary bomb 15x15x32cm 2017

    周童 摆件2 灭火器 Decoration No.2 20x20x46cm 综合材料Mixed media 2017

    周童 盲文视力表 第二版 Braille eye chart Second Edtion 32.5x83cm 综合材料 2016

    Aesthetics 布面油画 Aesthetics 150x300cm Oil on canvas  2017

    Historical 布面油画 175x200cm Oil on canvas 2017

  • 2017-09-10

    YAO Peng| Chinese New Reality Art Europe Exhibition Tour “Start from West”

    Venue: Museum of darmstadt, Germany,Museum of art and design, university of lucerne

    姚朋Yao Peng 8:55 收藏级艺术喷墨 Archival inkjet print 100cmx150cm 2016

    姚朋Yao Peng 12:07 收藏级艺术喷墨 Archival inkjet print 100cmx150cm 2016
  • 2017-09-10

    Li Shun | Perception Field

    Opening: 2017.9.10
    Duration: 2017.9.10 – 10.8
    Curator: Liang Qing
    Venue: Mao Space, No.112, Tianping Rd., Xu’hui Dist., Shanghai

    林泉高致 4 摄影 100x66cm 10版 2013Lin Quan Gao Zhi 1  Photography 100x66cm Edition 10 2013

    我们生存的立足点除了不断消逝的现实之外 别无其他 7 摄影 100x100cm 2010  We survive on nothing but a fading reality 7 rchival inkjet print 100x100cm 2010

    我们生存的立足点除了不断消逝的现实之外 别无其他 8 100x100cm 2010  We survive on nothing but a fading reality 8 Archival inkjet print 100x100cm 2010

    无题 Brad Pitt Untitled Brad Pitt 25.4 x 20.32cm x 2 纸上素描 8 x 10英寸黑白大画幅底片 2016

    无题 Muhammad Ali Untitled Muhammad Ali 25.4 x 20.32cm x 2 纸上素描 8 x 10英寸黑白大画幅底片 2016

  • 2017-09-07

    Hong Shaopei | Referencing Alexander Calder: A Dialogue in Contemporary Chinese Art

    Opening: September 7
    Duration: September 7 – October 7, 2017
    Curated by Eli Klein
    Add: Klein Sun Gallery, 525 West 22nd Street, New York

    Artists: Gao Ludi, Hong Hao, Hong Shaopei, Huang Rui,
    Jiang Pengyi, Li Jingxiong, Qin Jun, Shen Fan, VivienZhang,
    Yangjiang Group, and Zhao Yao.

    Painting-12-November-2016 60x60x6cm Acrylic丙烯颜料 2016

    Painting 12 November 2016 侧面

    Painting 14 November 2016 60x60x6cm Acrylic丙烯颜料 2016

    Painting 14 November 2016 局部 part

  • 2017-08-11

    Li Shun| 2017 Art Navigation Retrospective Exhibition

    The 2017 Art Navigation Project starts in Qi Xing Wan yacht club in Shenzhen.

    This project was organized by Today Art Museum and Shanghai Lingka
    Culture Co., Ltd. Artist Li Shun, Wang Man, Yuan Keru and Xia Mu
    participated the event opening.

  • 2017-03-09

    Art Basel HK 2017 | Beijing Art Now Gallery

    Booth : 3D47
    Artists: Hong Shaopei  Li Shun  Xue Ruozhe  Yao Peng  Zheng Wei

    Private View: 3/21  15:00 - 20:00
                          3/22  13:00 - 17:00

    Vernissage:3/22  17:00 - 21:00

    Public Days:3/23  13:00 -20:00
                        3/24  13:00 -21:00
                        3/25  11:00 -18:00

    Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center

    洪绍裴 画时间四 丙烯颜料Painting in time4 Acrylic180x38cm  2017

    洪绍裴 Painting 21 January 2016 89x36cm Acrylic 2016

    洪绍裴 Painting 21 January 2016 89x36cm Acrylic 2016 局部 part

    李舜 祝允明七言诗 收藏级手工宣纸艺术微喷 Li Shun 120x45cm 2017

    无题 Ernest Miller Hemingway Untitled Ernest Miller Hemingway

    薛若哲 前方有什么 布面油画  Xue Ruozhe What's in the front oil on linen 2016

    郑维 弹琴的人之四一电视头 综合材料Guitarist No 4 Television Head mixed media 250x270cm  2016

    姚朋 一段关系 综合材料 Yao Peng A relationship Dimension variable Mixed media 2016

    一段关系 局部A relationship  Part 2016

    姚朋Yao Peng Saturday 200x150cm oil on canvas 2016 1

  • 2017-02-21

    Xue Ruozhe Duo Exhibition | The Politics of the Void

    The Politics of the Void, a duo exhibition with works by Xue Ruozhe
    and Italian artist Lanfranco Quadrio will be opened at rosenfeld porcini in London.

    Opening : 2017.2.21 (18:30 - 20:45)

    Duration : 2017.2.21 - 4.13

    Venue : rosenfeld porcini, London

  • 2017-01-19

    Beijing Art Now Gallery wishes you a happy Chinese New Year!

    Beijing Art Now Gallery wishes you a happy Chinese New Year!

    The gallery will be temporarily closed during Chinese New Year from Jan.21 to Feb.13, 2017.

    Reopening on Feb.14, 2017. Tuesday-Sunday12:00-18:00


    Current ExhibitionZHENG Wei | Playing Guitar

    Upcoming: HONG Shaopei Solo Exhibition 2017.3.15Opening

  • 2017-01-15

    Li Shun | “The unusual West Lake” The First Art Scene of West Lake Photo Exhibition

    “The unusual West Lake” The First Art Scene of West Lake Photo
    Exhibition opened on Jan.15th,2017 at China Academy of Art
    Museum in Hangzhou. Li Shun’s work Study the Nature of
    Things - Memories of Hangzhou
    exhibited at the museum.

    Duration: 2017.1.15-22

    Venue: China Academy of Art Museum

    展览现场 Exhibition View

  • 2017-01-09

    Li Shun | 《Open Books: Artists and their Chinese brochure》opened in India

    Duration & Add2017.01.09-15

                           Rajasthan Lalik kala Akademi State Academy of Art Akademi
                          Complix, J-15Jhalana Institutional Area, Jaipur 302 004

    Chinese Artists: A-Hai, Bai Ming, Chen Xinmao , Chen Fushan, Ding Yi,
                        Dong Xiaoming, Gu Rong, Gu Wenda, Guan Huaibin,
                        He Saibang, Hua Jun, Huang Junjie, Huang Jun, Jin Yangping,
                        Li Jin, Li Shun, Li Yong, Liang Juting, Liang Quan, Liu Dahong,
                        Liu Wenjie, Liu Qinghe, Liu Juse, Qi Shanshan, Sang Huoyao,
                        Shang Yang, Shao Wenhuan, Sun Liang, Wangchao,
                        Wang Tiande, Wang Dongling, Wang Jinsong, Wang Hailong,
                        Wang Xi, Wei Ligang, Wei Qingji, Wu Fei, Wu Yiming, Wu Yi,
                        Xu Bing, Xue Feng, Yang An, Ye Yongqing, Yu Peng, Yuan Jinhua,
                       Zhang Jian, Zhang Zhengmin, Zhang Yu, Zhang Enli, Zhang Hao,
                       Zhou Jin


    International ArtistsAlan SalisburyAngela GardnerBrendan Burns
    Clive Hicks-Jenkins    David GouldFrank Vigneron
    G. W. BotHeather NixonIwan Bala, Lois Williams
    Lucinda CusdinMaggie JamesMary Husted

                                 Natalie dArbeloffOsi Rhys OsmondPhilip Nicol
                                Philippa Robbins,Richard CoxRobin Wallace-Crabbe
    Sue HuntSue WilliamsShagdarjavin Chimeddorj

    现场 Exhibition View 1

    现场 Exhibition View 2

    现场 Exhibition View 3

    现场 Exhibition View 4