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  • 2008-09-09

    Beijing Art Now Gallery | SH Contemporary Art Fair, booth No. B10

    Dear Friends, 
    Beijing Art Now Gallery/Shanghai will participate SH Contemporary Art Fair from 9th Sept. to 13th Sept. We cordially invite you to visit us at booth No.B10. Thanks. 
    Chinese contemporary art has been always a sensitive observer of the sweeping changes in China's society and culture since the very beginning of its birth. Although the artists we represent in the exhibition this time are devious by the subject and creative expression, they all persist on investigating the world, history and artists themselves through their own point of view. Yang Shaobin used the violent façade and radical color to reflect the global political issues; He Sen tried to challenge the judgment bottom line of audiences via creating material girls' indifferent eyes on the canvas; Huang Jinming created the art world which has no converging with the popularity of Chinese contemporary art, you can not just generalize his style as strange, mysterious, or shocking; Li Bo releases his 'Deep Throat' through the obsession of a sensualist or materialist eyes; Wu Xiaohai's memories about the idealism in 1970's are not only romantic but also hinted worries of lost; Hong Shaopei breaks through the old rule of painting on a two dimensional space and showed us another new possibility of painting; the inspectors in Zheng Wei's eyes all have the same vague face expression, which represent rights and authority. 
    PS:  artist checking list
    3P=3players,  Adria Sartore(Italy),  He Sen,   Huang Jinming,  Hong Shaopei, Gao Yansong, Li Bo, Qu Fengguo, Tan Qizhi,  Wu Xiaohai, Yang Shaobin, Zhang Fazhi,  Zheng Wei